Custom strength

Customization is the label spread is the brand

From nothing to free design

Our company has a dedicated design team, which can help you design label content, patterns, etc., enhance your corporate image and increase your brand charm;
At the same time, our company supports sample customization. You provide creative templates and submit them to our company for processing and production.

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Complex pattern clear printing

The two sides work together to optimize and upgrade the label, realize the overall optimization and upgrade of the label from design, material, specification and process, make your label effect more brilliant, increase product charm and improve brand influence.

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Customized production on demand

Introduce German printing equipment such as 3/5/6 color rotary printing machine, 8-color wide-format rotary printing machine, adhesive label die cutting machine, etc., with clear printing;
Production is strictly in accordance with ISO quality standards, and the quality is ensured through 8 processes and quality inspection processes.

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Complex pattern clear printing

• Self-built production base, procurement of foreign high-quality surface materials;
• Can be customized according to different size structures, material parameters, improve production efficiency, reduce costs, and have high cost performance.

Jinwuzhou has been focusing on the research and development of the label industry, and has gradually developed into an enterprise integrating label research and development, production and sales.

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