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Beer, Beverage and Food Labels

The water washing label provided by Jin Wuzhou has the characteristics of fast labeling speed, good weather resistance, high cleaning rate, no solvent pollution, and no residual glue in case of heat shrinkage,. PP, PE and PET label raw materials supplied by Avery Dennison have good brand performance, printing, weather resistance and pasting. For food-related labels, the required performance varies depending on the environment. For example, red wine bottles and identification labels used on wine bottles need to be durable and resistant to peeling and wrinkling even if they are soaked in water. The active labels pasted on canned beverages, etc., can be firmly pasted and completely peeled off regardless of low temperature and high temperature. In addition, there is a label that can be firmly attached to an uneven surface or the like that is difficult to attach.

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Jinwuzhou has been focusing on the research and development of the label industry, and has gradually developed into an enterprise integrating label research and development, production and sales.

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